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Ever felt the need to design free hand angel wings designs but couldn’t find an inspiration? I’m sure this was me, and I’ve drawn many sketches on sketch pad paper. This is probably your current life, if you’re anything like me. The good thing is that you can ease the burden of searching for a good image to use by drawing your own sketch.

Now that you’ve read this, I’m sure you’re familiar with the angel symbol. You might even have an idea of what kind of wings an angel might have. Let’s begin to look at how we can make our own angel wings design.

First, choose a photo you want to use as the template. Since you’re using an image it doesn’t matter which size you pick. It doesn’t matter whether your image is of good quality unless you’re looking to create an entire replica of angel wings. For instance, if you wanted to make a full sized angel wing, you should select a photo that is approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. Any larger would look wrong when you’re done drawing it.

Once you have selected your image, it is time to get to work. Learn how to create an easy wings overlay. The first step is to draw a straight line across the middle of your sketch, so that angels wings your wings form a straight line after you’ve finished. Then, add details to your wings by using thin, darker strokes. This will make them stand apart from the original drawing.

Once you’ve completed all that, it is time to match the wings. Use pens or pencils to start matching up the wings because even the best you can do in the beginning, eventually you’re bound to be unable to see certain details or line up the wings a bit differently that will alter everything. If you’re drawing with pencils the basic shape of a wing, you can add any details. When your drawing appears to look like a wing you can add more details such as the inner lining or fringe that is attached to the outer edge.

Before you begin doing any other work, create sketches of the final product. This will make the whole process much more simple. This can be done with markers or even paper. The next step is to decide if you want to do an angel wings overlay by hand or if you prefer to use a stencil. A stencil can aid you in achieving better results. You can make more mistakes and have more control over the final product. Once you are satisfied with the design of your wings, you can create your own angel wings to match.

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