MeetMe online dating app assessment: widely known social media system

MeetMe online dating app assessment: widely known social media system

A well known social media app, MeetMe have at least 100 million people. I know this really is hard to believe, nevertheless when We viewed how many their own studies on fruit and Bing Enjoy, I’m sure it’s actual: MeetMe internet dating software enjoys nearly 200,000 recommendations on Apple and 1.5 million analysis on Android. Remember that most customers never ever create evaluations, it is therefore obvious that MeetMe enjoys a huge database!



Users’ reviews:

“MeetMe online dating app was actually a great application many years ago, nevertheless now you can find too many phony users inside neighborhood. In addition, it helps to keep crashing. Anyone should cut this software!” (Aaron M., 23, institution college student, Oregon)

“There become below 10 folks in my local area on this subject app, but my personal picture has 200 loves and several remarks from bots. Gross!” (Kyle L., 22, business assistant, Louisiana)

“This software have so many people and does not have enough girls. I guess there are most likely 20 females for virtually any couple of hundred dudes.

This neighborhood promotes superficial actions by perhaps not allowing any sort of in-dept internet dating visibility or any genuine content material. Swiping leftover or best is just too shallow. End of tale.” (Justin J., 26, research associate, Hawaii)

“I’ve found most friends on MeetMe dating app. Overall, it is outstanding software. But I’ve had some online dating users that were hacked. I’m unclear what happened.” (Sandy C., 27, beauty therapist, Michigan)

Pros’ opinions:

“MeetMe dating app is a mainstream-friendly relationships system where individuals satisfy brand-new company on the internet and then discover where circumstances get. A successful connection is definitely built on a real friendship.” (Jade Seashell, creative blogger and columnist)

“Most of the time the announcements don’t pop-up on a member’s notice bar at the top of a smart device, therefore, the member doesn’t understand if they have emails or not. That’s the comments on MeetMe matchmaking application from my personal readers.” (Curt Coch, founder of

“It seems that MeetMedoesn’t know the difference between an open commitment and a polyamorous relationship. If they can incorporate polyamory for their selection, this system will likely be better still.” (Alex Sergent)

“This application ended up being labeled as My personal Yearbook as an online site previously. At that time, it actually was a high-quality website.” (Alex Ainsworth)

“Live streaming and chatting include complimentary. However, if you want to buy merchandise, you then need to pay for this, which can be fair sufficient.” (Wala Truscott, s*x mentor and specialist)


package of 3 spotlights: $2.99

prepare of 6 spotlights: $4.99

prepare of 15 Spotlights: $9.99

pack of 50 Spotlights: $24.99

MeetMe+: $9.99

MeetMe+: $24.99

MeetMe+: $39.99

prepare of 250 credit: $4.99

package of 625 credit: $9.99

prepare of 1,425 Credits: $19.99


  1. Can I use different languages on MeetMe matchmaking application?

Solution: Yes, possible. There are lots of selection: English, Dutch, French, German, Bengali, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Malay, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, basic Chinese, regular Chinese, Vietnamese and Turkish. Which language do you choose?

  1. What exactly do i have to know about easily opt to join MeetMe matchmaking software?

Response: their e-mail Inbox may get most spam and commercials when you sign-up. But if you utilize Gmail, this shouldn’t getting a challenge because Gmail can filter ads for your needs instantly.

  • Exactly what are the primary pros basically join this app?

Response: firstly, the rules are pretty decent. Next, the merchandise are extremely imaginative.

  1. What is the most obvious drawback within this application?

Solution: point control is behind a paywall, so that it’s not very helpful. You’re going to get notifications from users who are extremely far from you. That’s maybe not convenient whatsoever.

  • Last decision and professional summary:

MeetMe online dating application helps members to talk together for free, basically perhaps not frequent among dating applications around. Overall, it’s a decent relationship application for people to generally meet brand-new family on the net.

MeetMe used to be labeled as My personal Yearbook, however that web site is becoming a software.

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